the mission

We want to change the lives of as many college students as possible and ultimately advance college tuition policy reform.

We’re here to create long term change for college students, and we’re starting by leveraging the power of NFTs to pay for people’s college tuition.


Raheel and Lil Uzi
I’m Raheel Ahmad. I come from a big family and was raised by a single mother. After my dad passed, we lived paycheck to paycheck. Figuring out how to pay for college was stressful. Through all this, my mom’s been a hero, providing for me and my four siblings and always stressing the importance of education, despite the costs.
I was blessed when Lil Uzi offered to pay for my college tuition. It helped me appreciate how big of a problem we collectively have. College can’t be this expensive. The future of our country depends on accessible higher education. Students should be able to focus on excelling without worries of tuition expenses.
Having graduated, I’m now aiming to use my platform to advocate for college tuition reforms. I want to help drive forward the change we need.
My first step is to launch the GradOwls NFT. The end goal is policy reform to make college more accessible.
To start making a change, we’re going to take matters into our own hands.
Join the movement for college tuition reform by buying some dope art, getting the chance for your tuition to be paid for (or by someone you sponsor), participate in college equipment / technology giveaways, and much more.


College Tuition

Two NFT GradOwl holders will be selected via raffle to receive grants up to $45,000 to cover college tuition costs or existing tuition loans, collectively equalling $90,000. All Grad Owl holders will have an equal chance in the monthly giveaway.

The random winner selections will be live streamed via twitch.

If the GradOwl holder is not a student, they must select a valid nominee of their choosing and/or use funds towards debt accumulated from college tuition.

College Equipment Giveaway

All GradOwl holders will be entered into monthly college equipment giveaways, such as laptops, backpacks, books, and much more. Winners will also be live streamed via twitch.

Private Communities

GradOwl holders will have access to a private Discord channel / community with a lot of exclusive content.

Exclusive Events

GradOwl holders will have access to exclusive webinars and/or seminars with noteworthy guests and speakers

A Personal Touch

College tuition and other giveaways will be given out by myself personally (BigHeel), to the extent possible.

owl1 nft
owl2 nft
owl1 nft


phase 1

Pre-Mint | Awareness

Grow our Discord and educate NFT holders and others on the vision and value of this project, and the utility behind owning a Grad Owl NFT

The most active and strongest community builders in the Discord will be able to receive rolls as mods, admins etc.

phase 2


Release GradOwls mint to the public on this website

phase 3


Once all GradOwls have been minted, the GradOwls experience will begin for the holders! In other words, utilities only start when all GradOwls are minted.

phase 4

Changing lives

We’ll change lives when the GradOwls experience begins

We will give exclusive access to monthly college tuition giveaways, monthly college equipment giveaways, and access to community Discord groups plus webinars with noteworthy guests for all holders to enjoy

The NFT holders chosen will be live streamed on Twitch, and all tuition giveaways will be given out by myself personally when possible

phase 5

Webinars & Seminars

GradOwl holders will have exclusive access to webinars and or seminars with noteworthy guests providing information on mental health, education, and even navigating social media as an entrepreneur

phase 6

Creating change for college kids all around

We want to change the lives of as many college students as possible and advance college tuition policy reform

We’re going to raise awareness and create change for students in need, and also help identify non-college-based career paths

The more our GradOwl holders are engaged, the more we can provide in the future! This is just the beginning…

phase 7

Stay tuned for much more to come!


Blockchain Development
NFT Artist


NFT stands for “Non-fungible token”. It’s a cool way of saying it’s a truly unique digital item that YOU can buy, own, and trade. Many NFTs also operate like memberships – by owning an NFT, holders often get unique privileges, access, and other valuable utilities. The GradOwls NFT is all about the utilities.

The GradOwl is an exclusive membership pass built on the Ethereum blockchain. As mentioned above, NFTs often provide holders with cool and unique perks (called “utilities”). The GradOwl NFT has utilities that the world hasn’t seen before.

With the Grad Owl you'll get utilities across the digital and physical world such as college tuition giveaways, college equipment giveaways, webinars/seminars, and much more.

By issuing GradOwl NFTs, our goal is to raise awareness on the excessive and unnecessary burden around college tuition. This NFT project is a way to give back to the community, and advocate for governmental reform for college costs.

Metamask is a crypto-wallet that can store your Ethereum, and is needed to purchase and mint a GradOwl. Having a wallet gives you an Ethereum address (i.e. 0xaC2x….632) – this is where your NFT will be stored.
Get the Metamask Chrome or Firefox extension. Load it with ETH through services that allow you to convert dollars to ETH, like Coinbase, Binance or Kraken. Then, click the button "MINT" on the top banner on this site to connect your wallet and approve the transaction on Metamask. That’s it!
The mint price of one Grad Owl will be 0.11 ETH, which is roughly $300 USD. These funds will be going to the community wallet and will help provide the amazing utilities/benefits of all GradOwl holders!

All GradOwl NFT holders have an equal opportunity in receiving:

  • Funds for their college tuition to be paid for (up to $45k per person with 2 individuals randomly chosen each month)
  • Monthly college equipment giveaways (laptops, backpacks, books)
  • Access to educational webinars with notable speakers

And that’s just the start!

Basically everyone. All GradOwl holders that are chosen randomly for college tuition/college equipment giveaways, must be an active student and/or prove they have accumulated debt from college. If the GradOwl randomly chosen is not an active student or does not have accumulated college debt, they are obligated to nominate a student in need to pay it forward and keep the mission running.
Individuals will be randomly chosen every month, and the raffle amongst the holders will be streamed via Twitch every month. Winner will be announced on the GradOwl Discord, and various social media sites.
The GradOwl experience will begin and start to change lives once all GradOwl NFTs have been sold out/minted (there are 9000 available tokens)!
Yeah, just like most NFTs, GradOwl holders will be able to trade their NFTs on secondary markets such as OpenSea.
Drop Date TBD. They will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.
I personally will be posting updates on Discord, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and even Tik-Tok. Follow and join all social media accounts to stay updated with the project!